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UK poster for Wreck-It Ralph plays ups the arcade action


Wreck-It Ralph has unveiled a new, UK-centric poster, and you can check it out below.

Framed in an old-school arcade machine, the new one-sheet puts Ralph front and centre, flanked by his in-game rival Fix-It Felix and a host of heavily publicised cameos.

The set-up for Wreck-It Ralph is the kind of forehead-slappingly great idea you wish you had come up with first. The title character’s an arcade villain (think a human version of Donkey Kong) who gets fed up with being the bad guy, and leaves to try out a bunch of new games.

John C Reilly voices the main man, with Sarah Silverman on cutesie duties as Vanellope von Schweetz.

Check out the poster in full below:

Matt Maytum
Matt Maytum

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