E3 organizer says the 2023 show is "full speed ahead" despite confusing Ubisoft comment

E3 2023 dates
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Update: In a statement to The Verge, Lance Festerman, president of E3 organizer ReedPop, affirmed that "E3 is full speed ahead and we are pleased with the progress and engagement from the community. 

"As we have confirmed exhibitors we are eager to share more as details get cemented and participants ready their own detailed plans," he added. "In other parts of the ReedPop gaming portfolio we rarely release participants until close to the event but now will adjust our style to the E3 way as we can." 

Additionally, more news on the "Remastered E3 2023" is expected in the weeks ahead. 

Original story follows...

The E3 2023 schedule remains in flux with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo evidently skipping the show, but Ubisoft says it will attend "if" the event is held.

"If E3 happens, we will be there and we will have a lot of things to show," Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said on the company's latest financial conference call. Ubisoft was specifically asked if it would "attend in person and show your games," and its response is a bit odd since E3 2023 has been announced.  

E3 has been on something of an extended hiatus, with the 2023 show being the first physical event in three years. Ubisoft has traditionally had a sizable presence at E3, but it's also invested more into its own digital alternatives in recent years, such as October's Ubisoft Forward and the Assassin's Creed 2022 showcase

Ubisoft is likely eager to make a good impression through some kind of showcase, as the company's recent developments haven't been positive. Last month, the company said it was "clearly disappointed" as it delayed Skull and Bones for the sixth time and killed another three projects as part of cost-cutting measures. But hey, Far Cry 7 is reportedly already in development, and that wouldn't be a bad way to kick off a summer showing. 

Nintendo is reportedly skipping E3 because it doesn't have enough big games to justify an appearance. Meanwhile, Xbox has confirmed plans for a summer showcase in Los Angeles, the same city as E3, that would be separate from the standalone Starfield event expected relatively soon, but it hasn't explicitly tied this event to E3. 

Here are all the E3 2023 dates confirmed so far. 

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