Ubisoft announces Trials Of The Blood Dragon, released immediately on PC/PS4/Xbox One

Two of Ubisoft’s biggest cult hits are coming together in one of the more bonkers efforts announced at this year’s E3. 

Trials Of The Blood Dragon, which was first rumoured in April, sees RedLynx’s beloved bike-riding series Trials merge with 2013’s Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, a comedic blaster that strongly (and hilariously) parodied ‘80s films and was developed by Ubisoft Shanghai. 

This is also developed by RedLynx and picks up where the Blood Dragon left off, enabling you to traverse levels (and dimensions) on your two-wheeler while pulling off loop-the-loops, riding a “rollercoaster of righteousness”, and using guns to shoot cyborgs. It’s neon, it’s kitsch, it’s every shade of awesome if you were born before 1984, basically. 

The launch trailer borrows from retro favourites as varied as Saved By The Bell and Action Man – rather than us try to explain it, you really need to watch: 

Hilariously (and topically), the teaser ends with the warning, “side effects may include euphoria and extreme patriotic views”. 

Trials Of The Blood Dragon is out now – yes, now – on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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