Two new Mega Man titles for DS

Mega Man, the original "how many are there again?" series, has two more releases to add to the pile. As with the last few Battle Network games, Star Force 2 will hit stores with two versions only moderately different from each other, Zerker X Saurian and Zerker X Ninja.

Both versions feature two worlds (real and virtual, or "Wave World"), grid-based battles and card-based gameplay. There's also a "Brother Band Network" that lets players trade cards, compare progress, update personal pages and add one another to their in-game network via Nintendo's WFC. The more friends in your network, the more stat boosts and special bonuses you receive in the game. Sounds a lot like the other Star Force games, but with a bit more online doohickery.

The key difference between the two versions is the final form Mega Man takes in battle. His special attacks and appearance will fit the game you're playing, Saurian or Ninja. Again, not much different from the last.

It's not like we're down on Mega Man or anything. It's just increasingly hard to care about the yearly double (or triple) releases. The last Star Force didn't fare very well, and the past few Battle Network games have faced similar results. Seems fair to say this one's for the fans, and everyone else... approach with caution when they arrive this June.

Mar 13, 2008