Twin Peaks revival teaser is just as mysterious as the show

It is happening again.

A return to the quaint Northwestern town of Twin Peaks, that is. The third season of the cult classic series has been on the cards for over a year, and today comes a brief teaser to reacquaint audiences with that delightfully eccentric world. Originally slated to drop next year - to coincide with Laura Palmer's chilling promise from 1991 - Showtime pushed back its premiere date to presumably allow David Lynch and Mark Frost time to deliver the revival fans deserve.

The brief preview haunts in a way that the original show did successfully in the early nineties. Eerie, enigmatic and just downright creepy. Deputy Hawk (Michael Horse) provides the narration, his voiceover indicating the importance of the show's location. Lynch and co. filmed the season in and around the town of Snoqualmie, Washington, a picturesque spot Horse describes as full of "sacred places", which also stood in for the fictional town in the first two seasons.

Featuring the return of Kyle Maclachlan's Agent Dale Cooper, among many other favorites, the third season of Twin Peaks arrives in 2017.

Images: Showtime

Gem Seddon

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