Turns out Battlefield 2042 menus can cancel out smoke grenades

Battlefield 2042 conquest game mode on Kaleidoscope map
(Image credit: EA)

A Battlefield 2042 glitch lets players counter smoke grenades by just opening up the game's menus.

As you can see in the demonstration video below, a player reveals to the Battlefield 2042 subreddit that you can instantly cancel the effects of a smoke grenade by popping into the 'Collections' tab of the game's menu. As such, the smoke from the grenade instantly dissipates, and they can get back to blasting through hordes of AI soldiers with a light machine gun.

It's a pretty astonishing bug, and it's incredible that the player in question managed to find out this tiny detail all on their own. As for the bug itself though, it's incredibly strange that the Battlefield 2042 menus manage to actually cancel out an entire gameplay feature of EA DICE's new shooter, but then again, when do bugs ever really make sense?

Battlefield 2042 launched earlier this month across PC and consoles, and the results, just like this new bug here, haven't been pretty. Players were immediately left dissatisfied at the bugs and glitches throughout EA DICE's shooter, and this combined with the absurd weapon bloom effects let to some seriously harsh review bombing, where Battlefield 2042 was one of Steam's most poorly reviewed games across the platform as of last week.

Not to be deterred though, EA DICE launched a significant update for Battlefield 2042 last week, completely overhauling weapon accuracy for a more enjoyable game across the board. Battlefield 2042 might have had a pretty rough launch, but there's much more to come from the developer yet, with another hefty update planned for early next month in December.

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