Battlefield 2042 weapon accuracy overhaul arriving tomorrow in a new update

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Battlefield 2042 weapon accuracy is set to get some big changes from tomorrow, November 25.

Just yesterday, EA DICE published an extensive blog post on the official Battlefield 2042 website, detailing major changes to several areas of the new shooter. One area that'll see some huge changes, and something that's been at the forefront of community complaints since the game launched earlier this month, is how weapons handle.

Starting tomorrow on November 25, a new update for Battlefield 2042 will reduce all bullet spread for all weapons when aiming down the sights. Additionally, there'll be improved accuracy for plenty of weapons when aiming while stationary, and bullet spread will now decrease faster and earlier while using single or burst-fire modes with weapons, meaning success at greater ranges.

While the first detailed update is planned for tomorrow, another patch will arrive in early December. In particular, this second update is going to be fixing accuracy issues for weapons in the Battlefield Portal mode, especially when a player has just finished sprinting, and it'll also be downgrading the NWT-50's effectiveness against vehicles.

There are a lot of changes detailed in the new blog post from EA DICE, and we'd highly recommend reading the full article to get a sense of just how big the next two updates for Battlefield 2042 are. The two patches are going to be addressing server issues, PC performance, experience progression in Battlefield Portal, an improved reviving system, nerfs for vehicles like the Hovercraft, and much more. Battlefield 2042's launch might not have gone overly well, but EA DICE is listening and acting upon player feedback.

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