Transformers 3 onset photos leaked

Transformers 3

Transformers 3 only just began shooting this month, but already the first (unofficial) pics have pitched up online.

And while we’re not in the business of condoning Paparazzi shots, there’s no up-the-skirt-kebab sleaziness going on here – so by all means enjoy!

Taken last Thursday, these snaps (below) show off newcomer Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (yes, the Victoria’s Secret model), who stars as Shia LaBeouf’s new love interest after Megan Fox’s departure.

Spoilers ahead for those who don’t want to know… The scene being shot had Shia, Rosie and military troops (that include Tyrese Gibson) being chased by a Decepticon, who “tips the building over”. According to Just Jared , this shot necessitated the floor of an entire office building being built on a giant platform and then tilted.

Which all sounds suitably destructive for the set of a Transformers movie. Business as usual, then, guys - Fox or no Fox.

Source: [ Just Jared ]

Looking forward to Transformers 3 ?

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