Transformers 3 is the biggest 4 July movie ever

transformers 3

Michael Bay’s Transformers: Dark Of The Moon has become the biggest grossing movie to be released over the 4 July weekend – ever.

The robo-threequel has now made $416m in worldwide ticket sales, making it the highest ever earner over America's holiday weekend.

It even smashed Spider-Man 2 out of the way, that comic-book sequel previously holding the 4 July title with its domestic taking of $118m.

Experts estimate that at least 60% of Transformers 3 ’s gross came from 3D tickets, which should account for all that money (considering 3D tickets are more expensive than 2D ones).

Paramount are now the only studio to have released five consecutive films that grossed over $100m domestically.

Looks like we should expect a fast-tracked Transformers 4 very soon indeed…