Trailers for Uwe Boll's Postal are online...

There’s something inside us that makes us want to like Uwe Boll. After all, we like Ed Wood – and even Wood never climbed into a boxing ring to challenge his critics to a fight (which, you have to admit, was quite cool).

But, however hard we try, that slither of sympathy withers and dies whenever we have the misfortune to view one of his films; which include videogame ‘adaptations’ Alone In The Dark, BloodRayne and House Of The Dead.

Now he’s got a new game, sorry, film out – and it looks so supernaturally bad we almost want to hire out a boxing ring ourselves, just so we can punch him in the face.

Postal is based on the dire 1996 shoot-em-up, which, according to the two trailers, Boll seems to be using as a launching pad for celebrity spoofs, fart jokes and horrific casual racism.

You can view the trailers by clicking here - though we really wouldn’t recommend it.