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Trailer for House Of The Devil

When Total Film attended Frightfest last month, The House Of The Devil stood out as one of the best of the bunch, and we've been raving about it ever since.

Thankfully, the trailer is now online, and you can start raving about it too.

Set in the 80s, Devil concerns Sam, a young girl who has just bought her first house. Desperate for cash to make the payments on the property, she accepts a babysitting job to help make ends meet.

Dropped off at a old house in the middle of nowhere, she is told by the creepy couple who live there that they no longer have a child, but want her to stay the night anyway, offering her $400.

Sam accepts, but quickly realises that all is not well, and that the full lunar eclipse is no coincidence...

Check out the trailer for yourself;

How creepy is that? A real return to classic suspense filled horror, making a mockery of the big-budget remake nonsense the major studios keep releasing.

The House Of The Devil stars Jocelin Donahue and the super creepy Tom Noonan and will hopefully reach these shores early next year.

Scared? Terrified? Bored...? Let us know.