Toy Story 4: 18 Possible Plots

Moral Maze

The Possible Plot: Having completed his first year at college, Andy returns home to his childhood bedroom and realises he should never have given Woody away.

Making sure not to think too carefully about the morality of what he’s doing, Andy sneaks over to Bonnie’s and steals his cowboy back when the poor girl isn’t looking.

Initially pleased to see his old friend again, Woody is soon confronted with a dilemma… does his loyalty lie with his old owner or his new one?

Tissues Out: Andy sees the error of his ways and returns Woody to a heartbroken Bonnie.

Tears are shed, lessons are learned… you know the drill by now.

Where's Bo?

The Possible Plot: A key absentee from the third film, Woody’s love interest Bo Peep is the main event in this fourth instalment.

With Barbie and Ken, Jessie and Buzz and the Potato Heads all making eyes at each other, Woody has become sick and tired of all the coupling-up going-on around him.

Determined not to be left on the shelf, the lovelorn cowboy strikes out on his own, embarking upon a quest to find his lost love.

Tissues Out:
An unexpected downer ending in which Woody finds Bo shacked up with Stinky Pete. Oh dear…

Infinity... And Beyond

The Possible Plot: Pixar elects for a radical new approach by scrapping the toy element altogether, and presenting the fourth film as a straight science-fiction piece charting the adventures of space ranger Buzz in his ongoing battle with the evil Emperor Zurg.

When both protagonists’ spacecraft crash-land on Earth, they find themselves marooned in the old West, where the good-hearted sheriff isn’t too happy at having his peaceful town invaded…

Tissues Out: The tears are shed at Pixar HQ, when a lawsuit from Jon Favreau takes a significant bite out the profits.

Lotso's Redemption

The Possible Plot: Last seen strapped to the front of a speeding truck, the villainous Lotso has an epiphany, and realises he must atone for his actions.

Resolving to return to original owner Daisy, he embarks upon a cross-country marathon, helping various other toys along the way and earning his redemption as he goes.

After all, even the most sociopathic despots should be given a second chance…

Tissues Out: Big tears are shed as a tattered and worn Lotso is finally reunited with his old owner.

Now a grown woman with children of her own, Daisy gives him a wash and grants his wish of being played with again…

Toys: Legacy

The Possible Plot: A TRON -aping storyline in which an electrical storm causes the toys to be transported into Bonnie’s shiny new games console.

Once there they must battle a host of evil videogame nasties, before eventually attempting to make their escape.

Heavy-handed points are made throughout about the value of old-fashioned play in the face of computer-based bells and whistles.

Tissues Out:
A happy ending in which Bonnie’s parents scrap the console, branding it dangerous after the storm incident. Take that, technology!

The Collector

The Possible Plot: The toys get wind of an attic-dwelling toy fanatic, who is hording a collection of action figures who remained trapped in their original packaging.

Disgusted by the idea of toys being deprived the joy of play, Woody leads a daring raid on the collector’s apartment to conduct his most dangerous rescue mission yet!

Tissues Out:
Woody comes face to face with a version of himself, and is stricken by the sheltered life enforced upon his luckless double.

Sex Toy Story

The Possible Plot: An envelope-pushing effort from Pixar, revealing that children’s toys aren’t the only ones who come to life.

Get ready to cheer on a new cast of heroes including Clampy, Dill and Plug as they attempt to escape a fat man’s dungeon and find themselves a new home with a more photogenic couple.

Parental guidance advised.

Tissues Out: There’s a Kleenex-based gag to be made here isn’t there? However, this is a family website…

Toys Will Be Toys

The Possible Plot: An obsessive Woody has become increasingly agitated with what he describes as “Toy Etiquette”, chastising the other toys for deviating from their primary purpose as play things.

When he attempts to get the other toys to forsake their private lives and just lay motionless whenever Bonnie is out of the room, he finds himself with a mutiny on his hands…

Tissues Out:
Buzz realises that his old friend has finally cracked, and tearfully “takes care of him” for the good of the other toys.

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