Tower of Fantasy players trade wild bugs and helpful tips as its rocky launch rolls on

Tower of Fantasy bug
(Image credit: Hotta Studio / Redditor httqd)

After enduring launch queues and login errors which prompted apology freebies from the devs, Tower of Fantasy players have finally made it into the game long enough to find some bizarre bugs and turn up some helpful tips. 

Tower of Fantasy's global community has quickly proven that developer Hotta Studio's warnings regarding "many shortcomings" were perfectly warranted. The sci-fi MMO has its fair share of bugs, that's for sure. At least a lot of them are amusing, like this bug that turns your Tower of Fantasy character into a giant:

giant_cat from r/TowerofFantasy

Oppositely, players have found that bugged relics can flatten your character until they're essentially 2D. Certain cosmetic items also seem to break in some situations, turning avatars into polygonal demons. And of course, a lot, and I mean a lot of people are falling through the game world – assuming they can even get the game to run, that is, as a lot of PC players have reported blue screen crashes as well. 

The discoveries aren't all bad, though. One player quickly worked out a way to scale any surface without using an stamina, essentially letting you climb even the steepest walls forever, which will probably help you find a few Tower of Fantasy Scenic Point locations

infinite_stamina_wall_climb_trick from r/TowerofFantasy

There have also been some small but meaningful breakthroughs in character customization. Tower of Fantasy comes with a pretty impressive array of options and sliders, and players have created even more custom features by combining tattoos and other markings, and they look surprisingly natural in-game. One hero even released a full tutorial on creating the iconic *checks notes* ":3" mouth. That ought to give you an edge in the unexpected Smash or Pass feature of the game's character creator

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