Tower of Fantasy login errors and launch server queues prompt more freebies as compensation

Tower of Fantasy
(Image credit: Hotta Studios)

Tower of Fantasy's recent global launch was plagued by login and registration errors as well as long server queues, so the developers are giving out more free stuff as compensation.

The team at developer Hotta Studios announced a new suite of freebies in a blog post. "At present, the problems related to queuing, disconnection and inability to register and login have all been fixed," it reads. "Other problems will be fixed within the next 48 hours. As a token for sticking with us, we will offer individual compensation."

Two types of errors are singled out: "Unable to login / disconnection from server" and "Failed account registration / login". Both of these errors have prompted the same compensation: 300 Dark Crystals each for a total of 600, which is worth four Red Nuclei on Tower of Fantasy's premium gacha banner.

Even if you weren't personally affected by these errors – heck, even if you haven't played the game yet – you can still claim these freebies as long as you make an account by 5pm PST / 8pm EST / 1am BST today, August 11.

In addition to this error compensation, Tower of Fantasy is giving all players 10 Gold Nuclei – used for the anything-goes standard banner – to celebrate reaching the "top of the free games charts in 22 countries" before the global version even launched. To qualify for this reward, you'll need to register your account by 5pm PST / 8pm EST on August 16 (technically 1am BST on August 17). 

The devs say these rewards will be issued by the end of August 12, and you'll have two weeks to claim them before they expire. Once you accept them from your mailbox and receive the actual Dark Crystals and Nuclei, you can hold onto them for as long as you want. If you want some more freebies, there are also a bunch of Tower of Fantasy codes that can get you all sort of rewards. 

You can find more details on additional freebies in our explainer for Tower of Fantasy launch times and preload information. Spoilers: the game's out now, so no worries there. 

Check out our Tower of Fantasy characters guide if you fancy playing and want to see what the options are. 

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