Tower of Fantasy launch times and preload – here's when you can play

Tower of Fantasy
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Tower of Fantasy launch times have been set as the sci-fi MMO gears up for its global launch.

Tower of Fantasy's global release date is August 10 in most regions, but exact times differ slightly. Here's a quick breakdown of the launch timing:

  • US Pacific Time - August 10, 5pm
  • US Eastern Time - August 10, 8pm 
  • UTC - August 11, 12am (midnight launch) 
  • British Standard Time - August 11, 1am 

Tower of Fantasy is already available to preload globally on PC as well as iPhone and Android. Check the official website for the correct download link. Note that while PC players will eventually be able to play the game through Steam or the Epic Games Store, the PC preload is only available through the standalone Windows client.

Once you download and install the preload version of the game, you can go ahead and build your custom character using Tower of Fantasy's in-depth avatar tools. You'll still start the game's tutorial with the default character, but by saving and then loading a custom preset, you can instantly swap to your custom avatar if the other Tower of Fantasy characters aren't to your liking. 

Tower of Fantasy's launch will see a suite of giveaway events celebrating the global release. Pre-registration rewards are headlining the freebies, and you can claim them even if you didn't register before the game's launch. As long as you create an account and log in by February 6, 2023 and unlock the in-game rewards page by clearing the story mission 'Ecological Station Intruders,' you'll be able to claim goodies including cosmetics, currencies, and black and gold nuclei to spend on the gacha banners. 

Other launch rewards include the Starpath Navigation giveaway, which will be available for 21 days after character creation. This is tied to the same mission and rewards page as the pre-registration giveaway, though it seems you'll also need to complete additional missions to earn points once you unlock this event. You can also claim a bunch of Tower of Fantasy codes for more free rewards.

The Tower of Fantasy global launch patch notes warn of "many shortcomings" such as potential bugs. 

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