Torchwood starts tonight!

The Hub opens for business tonight ( 9pm, BBC2 ), and Captain Jack and the Torchwood team have a troublesome house guest. Played by James “Spike” Marsters, Captain John is a Time Agent with a dubious set of morals, and plenty of previous with Jack.

You can take a peek at the revamped Hub in a video on the BBC’s official Torchwood site , along with a bit of Marsters, a taste of the Cardiff rain and John Barrowman’s critique of Dead Ringers’ Torchwood spoof.

There’s also details of a new Alternative Reality Game , which allows you to join the Torchwood team. It’s written by series writer Phil Ford, features Eve Myles (Gwen), Gareth David Lloyd (Ianto) and Naoko Mori (Tosh) and will unfold over the thirteen weeks of the series. The first mission starts tonight at 10pm, after the Torchwood credits roll.
“This is a whole new story,” explains Torchwood ARG senior producer Matt Fidell. “The only difference from the TV show is that it's up to you to move the story forward. You must solve the clues, find out what's going on and report back to the team. You'll need to use all the skills and talents you have – and Torchwood will provide you with some tools to help you along the way. The mystery will play out each week as the series transmits. Each week you'll discover more of the story until all is eventually revealed in a fantastic climax. And it will all be down to you.”

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