Torchwood Miracle Day US Ratings

The figures nearly match Starz’s biggest ever series premiere, but that was Camelot

Torchwood ’s US premiere on Starz with Miracle Day pulled in a total of 1.51 million viewers. That comprises 819,000 viewers for the 10pm showing and 687,000 for the 11pm showing.

That is just a smidgen behind Camelot ’s premiere earlier this year, which achieved a combined total of 1.57 million viewers. Now, that’s good news in the sense that Camelot was Starz’s biggest premiere ever. However, look what happened to that show . The real judge of Torchwood ’s US success will come when we know whether it holds onto – or even grows – its audience. If there’s any justice, it should, but audiences are fickle things.