Tired of arguing about where to drop in Fortnite? Just ask Alexa

Fortnite's Raptor hiding behind an Amazon Echo.

Sometimes you know exactly where you want to go in Fortnite Battle Royale, and other times the Battle Bus is halfway across the map before you resign yourself to dropping at Tilted Towers again. It's especially tough to decide when you have a squad full of voices arguing about the merits of each individual location. Why deal with all that when you can just let Google or Alexa make the call?

"OK Google, ask Fortnite Dropper where I should land." "Wailing Woods." Done!

Yes, friends, technology now lets us offload responsibility for the surprisingly stressful decision to a robotic voice in your phone/a cylinder on your shelf. There isn't any high-level artificial intelligence strategizing at work or anything, it's just picking randomly. But considering all the variables at play in any given match of Fortnite, you'll probably do just as well with its suggestion as with carefully hammering out your own strategy.

Here's the Fortnite Dropper skill for Android Assistant, which is built-in on Android but also works just fine on iOS if you install the app. The nice thing about this one is the variety of ways you can phrase your question; unfortunately, you do have to start your query with "Ask Fortnite Dropper…" unless you add in your own custom shortcut (which I totally did, since it's way more fun to just ask your phone where to drop).

There are several Amazon Alexa skills available for these purposes as well - here's one of the higher rated ones. A perk with this Alexa skill is that you can also ask it for coordinates, not just named locations (always a good call, since the little unnamed areas are often just as loot-rich and less crowded). Unfortunately, it's harder to create custom commands for Alexa, so you'll probably be stuck asking Alexa to ask Fortnite Dropper . But even with the caveats, it's a lot better than just dropping at Tilted again... unless the robot voice tells you to drop at Tilted.

For some more in-depth guidance than a robot voice can deliver, check out our Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges guide. 

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