Three editions for Halo 3

Thursday 2 November 2006
With hype-o-meters across the world already shorting out months in advance of Halo 3's arrival, US gaming chain GameStop has put up its preorder section for the game - in three flavours to suit every obsession.

The normal edition will retail for $60 (%26pound;31), while an as-yet-undetailed Collector's Edition would set you back $70 (%26pound;36) - going by other 360 collectors' sets, we'd guess at a metal box and a dinky in-game bonus content.

But true Halo fans - yes, you reading the Ghosts of Onyx novel with the Halo 2 tattoo peeking out from under your "I Love Bees" tee - will settle for nothing less than the $100 (%26pound;52) Legendary Edition.

It doesn't take more shots to kill, but it does feature three bonus DVDs, featuring behind-the-scenes content, remastered cinematics from Halo and Halo 2, and specially-made mod community content. Oh, and we nearly forgot - a replica Spartan helmet, so you can finally retire that slightly embarrassing Mjolnir armour you made out of polystyrene and tin-foil.

While it would be nice if the Legendary Edition obeyed exchange rates and clocked in at only %26pound;2 more than a normal 360 game sells for, the mark-up will of course be a bit heftier for the European editions. Just remember to budget for the faceplate, too.