This X-Men arcade machine has me hyped for the cartoon’s revival

X-Men arcade1up cabinet with X-Men vs Street Fighter key art in backdrop
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I’m already a sucker for old Saturday Morning cartoons, but a new X-Men arcade machine is on the way that has me ridiculously excited for the revival. Better still, the retro cabinet also has one of my favorite Sega Saturn fighters built in, alongside a few other classics that pay a perfect homage to the comic book caper.

Clad in promotional X-Men ‘97 artwork, the latest modern cabinet by Arcade1up is available to pre-order now at Amazon for $499, but it's more than just a best retro console contender. In fact, just like the company’s other coin-ops creations, the setup looks pretty much identical to something you’d find in a ‘90s amusements. Pretty appropriate considering the new Disney+ show wants to drag your mind back to the glory days of watching a short hairy Wolverine call everyone ‘bub’ on a CRT, but it does take advantage of a few qualities we’ve come to appreciate in 2024.

X-Men Arcade1up machine | $499 at Amazon

X-Men Arcade1up machine | <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$499 at Amazon
Featuring eight built-in games, authentic arcade controls, and modern features like multiplayer support, this homage to coin-ops pays tribute to both the '90s TV show and the a legacy of fighting games.

Buy it if:
✅ You want an authentic arcade experience
✅ You love fighting games
✅ You're an X-Men fan

Don't buy it if:
You've not got room at home
❌ You'd rather use an original console

For starters, the X-Men ‘97 Arcade1Up cabinet pairs its light up marquee and two-player joystick setup with a 17-inch BOE display, and while it retains that 4:3 aspect ratio from back in the day, it should hold up against modern gaming monitors. Unlike most original machines, it also has eight different X-Men fighting games built in. Here’s the complete list:

X-Men '97 Arcade1Up machine games:

  • Marvel vs Capcom 2
  • Marvel vs Capcom 1
  • Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter X
  • X-Men vs Street Fighter
  • Marvel Super Heroes X
  • X-Men Children of the ATOM X
  • X- Men Mutant Apocalypse
  • Marvel Superheroes in War of the Gems

I’m personally pretty hyped for X-Men vs Street Fighter, as it’s the reason I still have my Sega Saturn waiting in the wings for whenever I need to see Cyclops get a talking to from Cammy. However, having played all the fighters on this list, I can confirm that they all slap, and thanks to online multiplayer features, you can duel other players with the cabinet and climb your way up a leader board. Or, in my case, reveal just how much you suck at old 2D fighters.

Arcade1up says the X-Men ‘97 machine will be available April 25, meaning it should line up with the new show’s Disney+ release. As mentioned above, the setup is going to set you back $499, which is a pretty penny to pay for a nostalgia burst, but one that I’d argue is worth it if you’d rather have an arcade cabinet in your home where something adult and boring like a fireplace should be.

That said, if you’re not really into yellow spandex and ‘90s cartoon shenanigans, you could always grab one of the company’s other cabinets. I’ve included a few favorites that are currently available below, just in case you’re eager to get one in your game room ASAP.

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