This Vodafone broadband deal gets you double speeds at no extra cost, plus a £70 Amazon voucher

cheap vodafone broadband deals

Cheap broadband deals don't come much hotter than this one from Vodafone. When we're shopping around for broadband offers, we're always thinking about one essential criterion: how fast can we go for the best price per month?

Vodafone has answered in the best possible way with a very fast broadband connection, at a very low price. We were already convinced, but there's icing on the cake too in the shape of a free £70 Amazon gift card. To be clear, this would be a great deal already without the gift card.

Cutting to the chase, you can get a 63 Mbps connection for just £22.95. That's the same price Vodafone is currently charging for the slower 35 Mbps (Megabits per second) connection. There's no catch and it's not a lower price for the first six months of the 24-month contract or anything like that. So signing up for the standard 35 Mbps broadband deal is absolutely pointless. Pay the same price and get the faster option.

With 65 Mbps, you'll have no problems streaming 4K content on Netflix, Disney Plus or Amazon Prime. Downloads of large video games or their supporting patches will be a doddle at these speeds too. You'll also have no problems with multiple devices streaming and downloading at the same. So if you're in a home with more active users for work or play, we think this is a great value deal. 

If you're already a customer with Vodafone for your mobile or SIM only contract, then you can get it for an even lower £20.95 a month instead, and, hey, that's a nice bonus saving of £48 over the contract.

Vodafone Superfast 2 | 63Mbps (average speed) | 24 months | FREE upfront | FREE £70 Amazon gift card | £22.95 per month

Vodafone Superfast 2 | 63Mbps (average speed) | 24 months | FREE upfront | FREE £70 Amazon gift card | £22.95 per month
Nobody else comes close to offering such high speeds for such a low price each month. Vodafone guarantees speeds of 55 Mbps at a minimum or you'll get money back. Don't forget that £70 Amazon gift card too! While this deal is the same price as the slower 35 Mb deal, there's no reason not to treat yourself and never worry about buffering or slow download speeds again.

What about the competition? Always worth asking, and if you want to shop around a bit more yourself, head on over to our broadband deals guide, where you'll find a comparison chart with loads of different providers and speeds to choose from. We've just had a look too though and the next best deal is from one of our other favourite networks. BT has a 67Mb offer for £34.99 (with a £90 BT Reward Card), or an also very serviceable 50Mb connection at £28.99 a month (with a £70 card). BT charge £9.99 upfront for postage and packaging, whereas Vodafone does not. 

Let's take a look at those total costs though over the course of the contract. So for 24 months, that means adding up all the monthly bills and any upfront charges. Here's how that looks in the long run:

  • Vodafone (63Mb) grand total = £550.80
  • BT (50Mb) grand total = £705.75
  • BT (67Mb) grand total = £849.75

Looks pretty conclusive to us. For almost the same speed as BT's you can save a huge £298.95. By our standards, this is the best broadband deal in the country right now.

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