This secret Disney Plus deal could save you up to $78 a year on a subscription

This secret Disney Plus deal could save you up to $78 a year on a subscription
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If you've been eyeing up a Disney Plus sign-up but are hesitant to shell out for another streaming service, there's a cheap Disney Plus deal that may be a tempter for you. According to their Disney's sign-up page, anyone who buys the $12.99 Disney Plus bundle offer with Hulu and ESPN+ but already has a subscription to either/both of those services will find their bill reduced. More specifically, "the amount charged for the Disney bundle will be automatically adjusted to account for your subscription[s]". In other words, you're getting the monthly cost of whatever membership/s you have already knocked off your Disney Plus sub. Therefore this could work out to be a significant amount of money in the long run: by our math, you're saving $4.98 per month on what you'd pay separately for each service.

For example, members of Hulu should notice their Disney Plus bundle costing them $5.99 less per month (essentially giving them ESPN+ for free). Meanwhile, ESPN+ users will receive a monthly discount of $4.99, meaning Hulu or Disney Plus will cost significantly less than they should. You're still paying your original membership, of course, but as pointed out by the Disney Plus Help account, "if you have an existing Hulu subscription, your Disney+ bundle price will be credited $5.99 per month. That's a yearly saving of about $78!" Which is very handy indeed. Considering how well shows like The Mandalorian have been going down, cheap Disney Plus deals are very much appreciated.

Disney Plus deal

Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN+ | $12.99 per month (save $4.98pm)

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank">Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN+ | $12.99 per month (save $4.98pm)
If you already have a Hulu or ESPN+ sub, getting Disney Plus as well will credit your account with $5.99 / $4.99 per month.

Because the Disney Plus/Hulu/ESPN+ offer is the same as a standard month of Netflix, we can't question its value. However, the only thing to note would be the fact that you're not getting ad-free Hulu with this offer. And if you're already signed up to ad-free Hulu? Well, you'll still only get $5.99 knocked off your Disney Plus bundle - sorry. 

Either way, there's no indication of how long this promotion will last or if it'll be permanent. As such, we'd recommend taking advantage while you can. Alternatively, there's always the offer by Verizon that gets you a free year of Disney Plus with certain data plans.

If it's bargains you're after, keep an eye on GamesRadar+ over the coming weeks. The Black Friday game deals are very nearly upon us, and we're primed to get you the best discounts and price cuts - particularly on the Black Friday TV deals that will be a delight to combine with your new streaming service subscriptions.

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