This new Apex Legends training mode will let you try out all the gear and guns without getting sniped

(Image credit: Respawn)

It's tough to get accustomed to new weapons and gear in battle royales, particularly if you're learning on the fly with 97 other competitors all looking for the perfect opportunity to put you down and keep you there.

If you've yet to give Apex Legends' new charge rifle or Crypto for that very reason, I have good news. Though yet to have a formal release date – right now developer Respawn only says it's coming "soon" – the all-new training mode, called the firing range, is coming to Apex Legends "by popular request". 

Making the reveal in the first Apex Devstream broadcast on October 11, 2019, Respawn showcased the firing range in all-new in-game footage. The video – which starts talking about the training mode at 7 minutes and 7 seconds into the recording below (thanks, Slashgear) – shows off Apex's full range of armour, as well as the individual guns and their corresponding mods and attachments. 

Of course, everyone gets a little taster by way of a training mode when they first play Apex Legends, but given the loot and mods are tweaked fairly often, it's the perfect way of letting even seasoned players try before they buy – or die, as the case might be here.

You can even switch characters part-way through to try out all of their alts and passive abilities in the comfort of knowing no-one's going to snipe you as you get to grips with, say, Pathfinder's grapple. 

In other Apex Legends news, a new character could be hiding in plain sight in some behind-the-scenes screenshots from a Respawn level designer. The pictures, which show Alex Graner's design process, have a multi-story high image of Revenant, the rumoured next Legend, hidden in one of them. 

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