A new Apex Legends character is hiding in these behind-the-scenes screenshots

(Image credit: Respawn/Alex Graner Twitter)

A new Apex Legends character could be hiding in plain sight in some behind-the-scenes screenshots from a Respawn level designer. The pictures, which show Alex Graner's design process, have a multi-story high image of Revenant, the rumored next Legend, hidden in one of them. 

Graner posted four screenshots to his Twitter account in celebration of Blocktober, where video game designers share "blockmesh" layouts of their work. He recently designed Octane's Gauntlet, an area on the original Apex Legends map, Kings Canyon. The area, which featured a flaming ring, tons of jump pads, and skate ramps, debuted during the August Iron Crown event. "Here's some blockouts of Octane's Gauntlet I designed for #ApexLegends," Graner''s post reads, "The whole design started from the idea of 2 giant ramps and a ring of fire. This was a fun one to make and was my first AAA shipped content." 

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It seems like this is just an innocent celebration of some awesome level design work, but if you take a closer look at the first picture, you'll notice something out of place. On the middle of the three giant screens that display the champions of every game is Revenant, a Legend we've never seen before (except in leaks). Revenant was revealed in the leak that also showed Crypto (who debuted in Season 3) and another character named Loba, so many believe he'll be the next Legend to hit the battle royale. He's also reportedly behind the upcoming Fight or Fright Halloween event, which will re-skin the original Kings Canyon map and add zombies to the equation. 

It's not clear whether or not Graner meant to share Revenant's banner as a little nod to the future Legend, or if it was entirely unintentional. The screenshots are still on his Twitter, and Graner has responded to comments about everything but the inclusion of Revenant. Respawn hasn't revealed any new information, or even confirmed that Revenant will be the next Legend. 

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