This indie Metroidvania sequel is looking just as incredible (and melancholy) after a 3 year gap

A girl looks shocked in a screenshot from Ender Magnolia
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Ender Lilies - the brilliant indie Metroidvania from 2021 - is getting a sequel, so me and the other five fans of the now-series are very happy. Even if you haven't jumped aboard the train just yet, the upcoming sequel looks oh so good.

Ender Magnolia: Blood In The Mist, the slightly less catchily-named sequel, was announced earlier this week in the Nintendo Partner Direct. But among big announcements such as former Xbox exclusives making the multiplatform jump, a revamped Star Wars Battlefront collection, and the Elden Ring DLC trailer that dropped shortly after - this gorgeous indie got somewhat buried under the corporate hype fest.

Ender Magnolia is coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime later this year. Other platform releases haven't yet been announced, even though its predecessor did launch on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, so maybe this is gunning for success as a timed exclusive. Though the team is also releasing more information about the game on February 26, according to a countdown on the official website

The newest trailer shows off the game's unique setting, an underground abandoned city full of odd foes. The twist is that once you defeat particular enemies, you can then summon them to your side, as they appear directly behind you akin to a Persona bursting out of your psyche. These enemies-to-lovers can subsequently come in handy during combat and exploration. 

The original Ender Lilies was a crowd-pleaser when it came out three years ago, reaching a Very Positive rating based on over 28,000 Steam user reviews, thanks to its melancholy world and smartly hidden secrets. So, I can't wait for this one to drop later this year.

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