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This custom Halo Infinite Xbox Series X controller is inspired by the iconic Needler

Halo Infinite
(Image credit: Pope Art, Trezn)

A maker of custom Xbox Series X controllers has released a new design inspired by the Needler from Halo Infinite.

Designer Pope Art revealed the 'Pins & Needles' design (via GameInformer) earlier this week. The right-hand side of the unofficial design evokes the Halo series, with translucent blue buttons reminiscent of Cortana set into a blocky gunmetal grey colour-scheme. 

It's the left-hand side of the controller that's most closely linked to what's arguably Halo's most iconic weapon; that bright purple wraps around to the back, covering the D-pad, left analog stick, and both sets of buttons and bumpers. The hexagonal print that features on some iterations of the weapons also features, as do three of those bright pink, eponymous needles themselves, stretching out over the left hand-hold.

If you want a version of the controller for yourself, you're in luck, as Pins & Needles is available right now via Trezn. At $149.99 it'll set you back a little further than a traditional Xbox Series X controller, but the custom design seems to be worth the extra cost of Helo fans - the first drop has already sold out, with Drop 2 currently set to ship in mid-September.

While Pope Art's design isn't official Microsoft gear, Xbox fans looking for the real deal should be covered too. Earlier this week, the new Aqua Shift Special Edition Xbox Series X controller was unveiled, with a shimmering blue colour scheme perfect for helping you keep calm during hard-fought boss battles.

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