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This amazing gaming PC deal saves you $755 on a powerful Alienware gaming PC from Dell

This amazing gaming PC deal saves you $755 on a powerful Alienware gaming PC from Dell
(Image credit: Alienware)

Amazing Cyber Monday gaming PC deal alert! This is easily one of the best Cyber Monday game deals we've seen from any where and in any form, and it comes in the form of a quality, high-end Alienware gaming PC from Dell. Removing any premium that one may get by going to Alienware, this offer's savings cut deeper into the pricing of the PC and saves you so much cash. On offer is an Alienware Aurora gaming PC with an i7-9700K CPU, an RTX 2080 graphics card, 16GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD and 2TB HDD storage combo, all for just $1,499.99. That's more than $750 off the list price, and it will get you into ray-tracing with a relatively future-proof machine straight away. This is so good.

Yup, that is indeed a large amount of cash to spend in one hit (though bite size instalments are available) but this is a genuinely good deal to get a quality PC, built on a great set of components, and from a highly reputable maker. The build is so good and the price is so low, this is bound to fly off the shelves so be quick!

This PC will provide you with an instant way into ray-tracing and a great start to, or upgrade to, your PC gaming journey. While you often have to stomach a bit of a premium for pre-builts (generally and with Alienware), this saving negates much of both. You will also get a warranty thrown in for extra peace of mind.

Best Cyber Monday gaming PC deal today

Alienware Aurora gaming PC | RTX 2070 GPU | i7-9700 CPU | 16GB RAM | $1,499.99 at Dell (save $755)

Alienware Aurora gaming PC | RTX 2070 GPU | i7-9700 CPU | 16GB RAM | $1,499.99 at Dell (save $755)
This is actually ridiculous given what's inside and what the price is. A great option and a fine reward for those of you who may have waited to see what happened in the latter half of Cyber Monday itself.

Thinking about this price for a bit, however, will hopefully let it sink in as great value: it's from a trusted manufacturer, will have a minimum one year warranty, and you can tinker with it in the future. The latter is a great thing to bear in mind as modifying and rebuilding gaming machines can be one of the most satisfying and fulfilling gaming experiences going. And who knows if we'll actually see anything quite as good as this before at any other time before Christmas?

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