They're making another Saw...

Yes, unsurprisingly, after the inexplicable success of Saw III, Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures are about to start work on Saw IV, and franchise favourite Darren Lynn Bousman has signed on to helm.

Fanboys might be happy, but we’re not – Bousman was in charge of the last two, and, let’s face it, they were rubbish.

Still, Lionsgate president of acquisitions and co-productions Peter Block is happy. "Having Darren behind the camera gives Saw IV a real edge, so to speak," Block said. "He has led this franchise into box office history while proving himself a modern master of psychological terror."

To which we can only say: ‘hmmm’.

Bousman’s pretty pleased with himself, too. Bless him. "It's not often that a filmmaker is given the opportunity to follow a genuinely compelling character through two films, much less three," he said. "So I'm very excited about picking up the reins on Saw IV, and delving even deeper into the Jigsaw legend."

Saw IV starts production in Toronto in April, and will be rushed into cinemas in time for Halloween, on 26 Oct, for a worldwide release.