The limited edition LeBron James PS5 controller sure is... something

PS5 Lebron James accessories
(Image credit: PlayStation)

Sony has teamed up with an NBA superstar to create a limited edition LeBron James PS5 controller, with some accompanying faceplates. And it sure is A Look.

Announced on the PlayStation Blog (opens in new tab), the limited edition Lebron James PS5 accessories prominently feature multi-colored inspirational quotes from the basketball player's 'I Promise' book like "nothing is given, everything is earned," and "build, uplift, empower." You'll also find James' crown logo scrawled into the design in clusters, a print of his autograph on the console cover, a drawing of a rocket ship on both accessories, and of course, plenty of triangles, squares, and circles for the PS5 buttons.

Both the controller and the faceplate look as though James took an ordinary black DualSense and PS5 cover and scribbled into them like they were a high school yearbook, but the design still looks tasteful enough. The sports start co-designed the accessories as part of Sony's new PlayStation Playmakers (opens in new tab) program, which is set to produce future collaborations from "the most exciting creators, athletes, actors, artists, gamers and entertainers in pop culture today."

"It's still crazy to think a kid from Akron who grew up playing games is getting to create something like this," said James. "Designing a console cover and controller with PlayStation that gives a nod to my I Promise students and where we come from is a pretty cool thing. I hope it's something that continues to inspire everyone who touches it, and that they have a little fun finding meaning in every detail."

It's unclear how much the accessories will cost - presumably they'll be in line with the other $55 console covers and $70-$75 controllers (opens in new tab) - but we know they'll be available for pre-order exclusively through PlayStation Direct "later this year."

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