These Borderlands 3 vinyl collections are absolutely stunning

(Image credit: Laced Records)

More and more games are getting limited-run physical releases aimed at collectors, and as an offshoot of that trend, plenty of game soundtracks still get vinyl releases that leverage the art of their source material. Thanks to Laced Records, we can now add Borderlands 3 to the list of games to receive stunning vinyl soundtracks. 

Laced is doing two vinyl releases for Borderlands 3: a $35 two-disc set and an $80 four-disc set. Both editions are scheduled to release in January 2020 and are available for pre-order now. Likewise, both editions use 180g LPs, so they'll both sound great on your record player. The differences lie in their packaging and track count. 

The two-disc set features 17 tracks, including the main menu theme, the Sanctuary 3 theme, and area-specific themes like Maliwan is Here and Enter Floodmoor Basin. These tracks were pressed into a matching pair of red and white discs which fit with the collection's graphic novel-esque sleeve.

(Image credit: Laced Records)

The limited four-disc set ups the ante in pretty much every way. It's got 34 tracks, for starters, offering more music from certain areas as well as areas not present in the standard edition. The Lectra City track is a standout inclusion, along with a suite of Cathedral tracks. Perhaps most importantly, the discs themselves are immaculate. Each one is adorned with one of Borderlands 3's planets, and they all have unique sleeves featuring the game's Vault Hunters. The regal Psycho box art on the collection's case is the cherry on top. 

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