These board game deals cut prices on some of the best video game crossovers

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game
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There's never a bad time to consider a board game deal - the market is a stacked one, so there are always price cuts to be had. However, these early Prime Day board game deals on some specific games are worthy of your attention, post haste! 

The deals we've picked out today are some very specific ones: some savings on board games of top video game titles. Yup, that is what is called playing to your strengths for us here on GamesRadar's hardware team. Anyway, these board game deals cover a few top-line famous series, and now is as good a chance to get them for less. Plus, some of them are literally some of the top board games for adults going, so the quality is real in these ones.

For starters, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game, which is usually sold for almost $100, can now be picked up for just $73.50 at Amazon. I reviewed this for GamesRadar and can directly testify to its enjoyability and its respectfulness to the source material. It's a great game for Horizon fans.

If you are a follower of the Souls series, we've also found Amazon deals on Dark Souls: The Board Game, which is now down to $82.17 - its lowest price in about a month ($119.95 MSRP). Our two other picks are Elder Scrolls wargame Call to Arms, which has a modest discount but one that takes it to its lowest price since March - it's yours for $34.60 (was $45) - and a new Alien game, which doesn't have a price cut per see, but is an absolute bargain at just $29.99.

You can see more info about these deals below and some more of the latest prices on top board games below that.

Today's best board game deals

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game | $99.95$68 at Amazon
Save $32 -

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game | $99.95 $68 at Amazon
Save $32 - If you're a fan of Guerrilla's Horizon series then this is a no-brainer; Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game is an excellent tabletop adventure true to the source material. And this price also represents the lowest since December last year! Bargain alert!

Dark Souls: The Board Game | $119.95 $82.17 at Amazon
Save 31% -

Dark Souls: The Board Game | $119.95 $82.17 at Amazon
Save 31% - If you're looking for a way to bring Dark Souls into your real world and make the suffering more tangible, then this is the board game for you. Usually priced at $119.95, Amazon has currently got nearly a third off the price - it's not the lowest it's ever been, but it is the lowest in a month and a bit and is a good price to go for if you want to avoid the Prime Day sales madness.

The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms | $45$34.60 at AmazonSave $8.40 -

The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms | $45 $34.60 at Amazon
Save $8.40 - The medieval fantasy from Bethesda becomes a wicked board game with The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms. It's only a small discount, sure, but it takes the adventure wargame set in the world of Tamriel to its lowest price since early March.

Alien: Fate of The Nostromo | $29.99 at Amazon

Alien: Fate of The Nostromo | $29.99 at Amazon
No saving here, just a straight-up bargain: the newest Alien board game sees players take on the role of Nostromo crew members Ripley, Brett, Dallas, Lambert, or Parker as they move through the ship, gather supplies, and craft items to help them to (maybe) fend off the xenomorph.

If you're not just looking for some cracking video game adaptations as your next board game, then check out the below deals.

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