The Punisher gets his own teaser for Daredevil season 2

UPDATE: The Punisher has now joined in the fun with his own dark teaser, and what's that he's holding in his hand?

ORIGINAL: We're only a month away from declining all social invites so we can curl up and binge Daredevil season 2, and Netflix has dropped three new teasers to make everyone feel better about that decision. This new batch of clips focus on creating an ominous mood rather than dishing out story details or first-looks at new characters.

Chasing up the explosive new trailer that recently landed, they each hone in on the show's main trio - Matt, Foggy and Karen. First up is Daredevil himself, chained to a chimney on a rooftop struggling to break free. A sign of The Punisher's dastardly ways, perhaps?

Then we cut to Foggy's teaser, that shows him wandering the streets until he hears the cries of his friend:

The most interesting of the three reveals Karen at her desk, gazing at... a skull. On the surface it seems like a tip to The Punisher, whose shirts often carry skull motifs. If you take a look at the other documents in view there's that x-ray from the earlier trailer. Which was also of a skull. Ok, ok, we get it. The Punisher is going to dominate season 2.

Starring Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, Elodie Yung, Stephen Rider, Jon Bernthal and Rosario Dawson, Daredevil season 2 arrives in its entirety on Netflix March 18.

Images: Marvel, Netflix

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