There’s a really well-hidden Star Wars Easter egg in Man of Steel – have you spotted it?

Image: Warner Bros.

A well-hidden Easter egg can lie dormant for years, especially when it comes to superhero movies and games. Batman: Arkham Asylum famously hid a nod to its Arkham City sequel before it was uncovered years later, and Man of Steel has followed suit by including a fantastic Easter egg homage to one of Star Wars’ most daring escapes.

The fine folks over at Reddit have done their homework when it comes to Man of Steel’s final battle between Supes and General Zod. The CGI-laden scene may not feature any removed facial hair, but it does look strikingly similar to the Millennium Falcon weaving through an exploding Death Star in Return of the Jedi. Take a look for yourself:

Pretty cool, right? Zack Snyder is a massive Star Wars fanboy (aren’t we all?) but, even so, it’s an extraordinarily meticulous scene to pluck out and pay tribute to. Seeing it side-by-side makes it all the more impressive, too. Now we just need to know if Superman can do the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs.

It begs the question whether there are any other hidden nods and winks to properties lying throughout something Snyder-led, such as Justice League. Batman v Superman already has a Watchmen cameo that took a while to uncover, so expect something to crop up sometime around 2024.

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Image: Warner Bros.

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