There's a Mandalorian Nerf blaster, and it's kind of amazing

Mandalorian Nerf gun
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A Mandalorian Nerf blaster is on the way, and it's launching in 2021 (queue some internal arguments about how we can justify pre-ordering one immediately). Based on the title character's Amban Phase-pulse blaster from The Mandalorian TV show, this toy is 50.25 inches long and comes packaged in a display-ready case. It weighs in at $119.99 / £109.99 and is estimated to ship around or before October 2021 - but you'll need to put in an order by December 31 2020 if you want one.

Although it might not match the best Nerf guns in terms of performance, this Mandalorian Nerf gun is still a sight to behold. It's an accurate replica of the Mando's weapon in slightly friendlier colors, right down to the breech-loading mechanism, a wood-effect stock, and weathering details to show its battle-worn nature. You even get a light-up, LED-illuminated scope with a targeting reticle to accompany electronic firing and loading sounds pulled from the show.

Although it's a little more expensive, it's a very cool collectible. Season 2 on Disney Plus has arguably been the show of fall and winter, so being able to get one of its most iconic props is awesome. Especially because it has so much history behind it. Originally seen during 1978's Holiday Special in the hands of a certain Boba Fett, it then made its way to Mando for the 2019 live-action series.

This isn't the only cool Mandalorian merch available right now, of course. Besides Baby Yoda toys, you can also get your hands on a special Mandalorian Black Series helmet for $120 at Amazon US or £119.99 at Amazon UK. Combine that with the Mandalorian Nerf gun and you've got the start of a kickass display / cosplay / Halloween outfit on your hands.

Mandalorian Nerf gun


Nerf The Mandalorian Amban Phase-pulse Blaster | $119.99 at Amazon US / £109.99 at Amazon UK
The Mando's iconic blaster is being given the Nerf treatment, and you can pre-order it now ahead of its release later in 2021. It's an accurate representation of the Star Wars weapon, right down to its wood-effect stock and breech-loading mechanism. It also comes with 10 Nerf Elite darts for when you need to reload.

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