The Weinsteins will distribute new Madonna film

The Weinstein Company has obtained the rights to W.E. , Madonna’s latest film as director.

The film centres on two love stories. The first follows King Edward VIII’s relationship with American divorcée Wallis Simpson, with the pair played by James D’Arcy and Andrea Riseborough.

The second is set in 1998 and follows unhappily married woman Wally Winthrop's (Abbie Cornish) obsession with the affair of Edward and Mrs Simpson.

Madonna has only directed one film previously, which was 2008's Filth And Wisdom .

The King’s Speech recently featured the controversial story of the king who abdicated the throne. Guy Pearce played Edward in that incarnation, but it didn’t delve into the back-story.

Madonna may be a megastar recording artist, but she doesn’t have greatest track record in Hollywood, especially of late.

She does have the popularity of British royalty on her side at the moment though.

W.E. doesn't have a release date as yet, but it is expected to open this year.