The Top 7... Game-Changing Cheats

Cheating, though, can be so much more! Why ask for an extra life when the right code will give you an entire army, or the power of a god? Why settle for a shortcut when hidden humor, violence, sex and evil are waiting to be discovered? Why bother with mirrored maps or secret difficulty settings when a truly "special mode" will modify your favorite game beyond recognition?

The following cheats, patches, filters and bonuses unlock way more than a little help - they unlock a whole new experience.

Star Wars games have always lackeda certain something. They feature the obligatory aliens, droids, blasters and spaceships, of course, as well as the stirring orchestral sounds of John Williams cashing yet another royalty check. Sometimes they'll even throw in a Mark Hamill cameo to keep you mildly interested and keep him off the streets.

But the one thing you never get to do - and the one thing that all of us have been dying to do since Obi-Wan first terrorized the Cantina - is dismember, decapitate and otherwise destroy stuff with a lightsaber. If that old geezer could slice enemies' arms off with a mere flick of his wrinkly wrist,
why can't we?

Well, actually, we can. And so can you.

Here's the trick. Load up Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast for the PC and hit the "Shift" and "~" keys together. A prompt should appear. Type "devmapall" to unlock cheats and "g_saberrealisticcombat 999" to unlock dismemberment. Realistic combat, indeed!

Yeah, by adding these bonus sections, we've technically included 14 entries in a Top 7 feature. Yeah, we just love you that much.

Anyway, did you realize that Urban Chaos: Riot Response, the thoroughly mediocre shooter that nobody played in 2006, is actually the totally terrifying survival-horror gorefest that nobody played in 2006? It's true!

Simply dust off your last-gen console and enter the following combination at the main menu: Up, Up, Down, Down, Circle (or Y), Down, Up, Circle (or Y)

That'll open the cheat screen, where you can type "BURNINGBULLET" and then "KEEPYOURHEAD" for the Headless Horseman effect shown above.

Next up... dinosaurs!

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