The Top 7... Game-Changing Cheats

Fighting Nazis is such serious business. You're never allowed to have too much fun, even when the war is waged in videogame form. Grim newsreel footage precedes every mission, reminding you that the action ahead is your duty and not your entertainment. Depressing quotes pop up at every death, guilt-tripping you for not being a better player. Each time you reload, Hitler wins... and, if we remember our history right, celebrates by feasting on baby panda bears.

Fighting Nazi hamburgers, on the other hand, is much less stressful. Toss in some Nazi hot dogs, Nazi fries and Nazi pineapples with windmills or submarines glued to their foreheads and you've finally got yourself a party.

The "Men With Hats" cheat is available in Medal of Honor: Frontline for Xbox, PS2 and GameCube. Type either "MERCER" or "HABRDASHER" at the Password keyboard located in the Options menu, then head to the Bonus menu to turn it on. Start a new game and enjoy the D-Day invasion Steven Spielberg didn't want you to see.

Don't use steroids, kids. Instead, enhance your athletic prowess with the help of a ferocious animal spirit. All you have to do is wear the beast's rotting corpse on top of your noggin and you'll be scoring goals and hitting home runs like a pro!

Or... culminate enough points in PES4 to unlock the hairstyle edit option and access the "special hairstyle" section. Monkeys, sharks and bald eagles not only make great fashion accessories, they boost the players' skills. Does Barry Bonds know about this?

Next up...ass kickingfish!

Charlie Barratt
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