The Top 7... Game-Changing Cheats

You must have seen this entry coming a mile away. The choice is obvious, clichéd even, but no one can deny the game-changing influence of Tomb Raider's various "nude" patches and mods. The experience isn't transformed merely by the sudden and distracting presence of a naked lady, though such an addition is guaranteed to alter almost any situation in life pretty damn quickly.

No, what changes is the purpose and meaning of the game itself. Before, you played Tomb Raider for the acrobatic gameplay, archeological puzzles and exotic environments, but really you were just playing to stare at Lara's ass. After the "nude" mod, you stopped having to pretend. And Tomb Raider's creators, who shamelessly chose to put a wealthy, globe-trotting scientist in skin-hugging short shorts, got the game they probably wanted to release all along.

Hmm, so maybe nothing changed here after all? We've confused ourselves - must be the presence of the naked lady.

What? You think we're going to tell you where to find this kind of filth? No way! We already did thata year ago, silly.

The game-changing quality here is painfully simple to spot. No, we don't mean that. We mean, would you have ever bought or rented this title otherwise? Didn't think so... Enter "JuggyDanceSquad" in the first game and "FakeBurstCunninglyDistorted" in the second.

Sep 15, 2008

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