The Top 7... E3 announcements you missed

Above: If you haven't purchased Mass Effect by the time it's available to download, forshame

Don't think crusty two year old games are a big deal? Think about it: this is a huge step towards original, full games like Mass Effect 2 and BioShock 2 being available for download on the same day. It might not make GameStop or Walmart happy, but the convenience of getting major AAA releases, not just bite-sized arcade games, whenever you want is a whole lot closer.

One unfortunate downside is that Microsoft willstop making any more Xbox Originals available. In several statementsthe companyhasmade it official that after one final Xbox game,it's only committed to putting 360 classics available to download. Rats, looks like we'll never get to repurchase Blinx, what a shame.

Most strikingly,it had info on four new RPGs: Monado from Monolith Soft, Glory of Heracles, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorer of Sky and Fossil Fighters. Admittedly those are mostly aimed at the more informal RPGists, but what about the intriguing platformer/pinball mash-up Span Smasher? And lastlyit announced Picross 3D, a whole new spin on the awesome and underrated puzzler. The most exciting news around the GR office was that not only is a new Professor Layton coming out, but it comes out in just two months. Looking at that list, it's odd they were left out considering Nintendo's desire to earn back hardcore cred.

Henry Gilbert

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