The Top 7... E3 announcements you missed

Above: New Play Control! Pikmin is great and all, but not quite the "new" Pikmin we'd been hoping for

5)Perfect Dark is coming to XBLA

Speaking of Live Arcade games, the original Perfect Dark - also known as the good one - iscoming to XBLAsome point this year. This N64 classic was the sh*t in many housesthat didn't have a gaming PC, and now it's at last coming back. Hopefully this will quiet the GoldenEye fanboys, becauseRare's spiritual successor to their classic FPS is the best they are ever going to get. Here's hoping it has online.

6)360 Avatars get accessories

One of the first things talked about when NXE and Avatars were introduced was the untold number of accessories there will be to make your Avatar special. And it only took a whole year forMicrosoft to finally say it ishappening really soon. The most interesting part is that clothes and extras will be attached to Achievements, making your magical numbers give you something more than misplaced pride. The only downside is that many of the clothes will no longer be free of charge.

7) Next month Summer of Arcade returns to XBLA

Live Arcade games fluctuate in quality nearly every week. One week it's the free time stealing Peggle and the next it's Star Trek D-A-C. But starting July is the second annualSummer of Arcade, when Microsoft lets free all the great XBLA gamesit's been holding back during those crappy release weeks to put out something awesome each Wednesday.

Above: Shadow Complex for XBLA

This year there's the Castlevania-influenced Shadow Complex, and the arcade classics Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelledto name a few. One of these games would fill a month of our XBLA needs at least, but they are coming week after week. Here's hoping they're as good as they sound, because they have a lot to live up to with last year's stellar line-up that included Braid, Geometry Wars 2 and Castle Crashers.

Jun 8, 2009

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