E3 09: Trailers - The best, the worst and the bizarre

No matter. We’ve sifted through the most interesting videos and we’re focusing on the best, the worst and most bizarre of the bunch. Onward!

The Best

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – PS3, 360
A 3D Castlevania game that doesn’t look like ass. Incredible voice talent from Hollywood. Involvement by Kojima Productions. And Patrick mutherfuggin’ Stewart narrating. Best trailer ever?


Modern Warfare 2 – PS3, 360, PC
Okay, so MW 2 was shown a few days prior to E3, but we’re counting it because the trailer factored in to Microsoft’s press conference. And regardless what system you’re playing on, there are 13 million people who own the game, so there you go. Also: the game looks like a better action-drama than anything Hollywood’s put out in years.

The Beatles: Rock Band – 360, PS3, Wii
One of the most prolific and arguably the most popular band of the modern era, The Beatles take center stage in the newest iteration of Rock Band. The E3 trailer jumps through the many eras of their music, bringing smiles to our faces and millions to their pockets.

Left 4 Dead 2 – 360, PC
Knowing developer Valve’s workflow, did anyone expect a sequel to hit a year after the release of the first game? Ahh, who cares? More campaigns, weapons, characters and zombies. Sold!

New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Wii
While certainly not expected, NSMBW actually looks remarkably better in the gameplay trailer than it did when four Nintendo execs demoed the game. New suits (penguin!), new stages and four-player support are all shown, and you know what? It looks like a blast.

Metroid: Other M - Wii
Thankfully Nintendo closed their conference with a look at a game that wasn’t a sequel, remake or disappointment. Even though Team Ninja is Itagaki-less, this new Metroid looks like the shot in the arm the franchise needed. Bicycle kicks? Finishers? Damn!

Brutal Legend – PS3, 360
Tim Schafer’s long-in-development game about a roadie fighting against the forces of evil in a land ripped straight from a death metal album cover is finally near completion. Why don’t you get pumped with a trailer filled with rock star cameos?

Alan Wake – 360, PC
2010 is too damn far away. Remedy was aces with storytelling and gameplay in the Max Payne series. Now they have an open world and surreal storyline straight out of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks TV show. Cutscenes, interesting third-person gunplay (charged light flares?) intrigue us.

Golden Sun DS – DS
Nintendo’s portable has proven to be a haven for quality RPGs and Nintendo really surprised us with the third iteration of the GS series. Seriously, where did this come from? We haven’t seen the franchise since The Lost Age back in 2003 for the GBA. Already, we’re stunned at how good the 3D looks. Please release this soon.

Mass Effect 2 – 360, PC
Be excited. Be very, very excited.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction – PC, 360
Another game that’s been in development for ages, Conviction breaks the mold of the Splinter Cell franchise while remaining true to it. The trailer shows you everything you need to know: Sam Fisher’s gone rogue, he’s looking for his daughter, a much sinister plan is at stake and he’ll be hiding in plain sight.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - PC
Better than the last four Star Wars movies (Clone Wars is the fourth, fanboys) put together, the trailer for The Old Republic is a wonderfully choreographed Jedi/Sith free-for-all. Gameplay for the MMO will not look like this CG trailer, but we’re confident developer BioWare has another winner on their hands.