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E3 09: Trailers - The best, the worst and the bizarre

The Bizarre

Heavy Rain – PS3
The trailer starts off intriguingly - some distressing talk about a serial killer - then about halfway in becomes a series of fight scenes with different characters and some questionable phrases asking us how far we’ll go to save someone we love. Is this a movie? Our interest is piqued, but we’re still skeptical.

Project Natal: Milo demo – 360
According to the trailer, Milo is a digital boy you can interact with using the new Natal motion-control sensor/camera. Fable Grand poobah Peter Molyneux presented journos with a demonstration of a young woman speaking to a boy, who not only read facial expressions but… you know what? He looks damn creepy. Certainly no evil intentions can come from a game where you can play with a little boy.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle - Wii
Okay, maybe the trailer isn’t that strange. We got Travis Touchdown icing some baddies with his lightsaber weapon, we know bad girl Sylvia returns and we know there are wrestling moves in there too. But check out that editing. Real life industrial areas? A luchador? Flowers? Crazy filters? It’s a punk game for sure!

Crackdown 2 – 360
Now we love us some Crackdown, but what’s going on here? A virus? Monsters in the sewers? Does the city look a little different to you? Are the cel-shaded graphics gone? And how come all the cool stuff like four-player co-op was announced outside the trailer? Why are we so confused?

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Wii
Already dividing the GR offices withnegativeandpositiveopinions is the latest Mario adventure. Some are skeptical about how similar it looks to 2007’s smash hit. Or how it barely looks like a sequel. Others fawn over the changes, the new levels, the YOSHI! Sequel? Upgrade? Does Nintendo still care about hardcore Wii owners? Oh, the conversations you’ll have!

June 4, 2009