The stars behind gaming's voices

Game: Driv3r (PS2, Xbox)
Star: Michael Madsen as Tanner
Best known for: Reservoir Dogs' Mr Blonde

Michael Madsen is iconic as Mr Blonde in Reservoir Dogs - but he's not always been in violent films - he was in Free Willy, after all - and he's apparently against violence in real-life. Probably uses safety razors too.

He also voiced Toni Cipriani in GTA III, which we suppose makes up for him having anything to do with Driv3r, for which he voiced lead character, Tanner. A subsequent appearance in Yakuza will no doubt help his post-Driv3r resume. Talk about bouncing back...

Above: The awful Driv3r - but Michael Madsen's performance as Tanner was alright.

Justin Towell

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