The stars behind gaming's voices

Game: Yakuza (PS2)
Star: Mark Hamill - Goro Majima
Known for: Star Wars as Luke Skywalker

Mr Luke Skywalker himself appeared in Yakuza. Who'd have thought it, eh? Just goes to show that real actors can avoid being typecast. But that's not all the Star Wars star has done for videogames. He's been in the Wing Commander series as Colonel Christopher Blair, voiced The Joker in a couple of Batman games (including Sega CD/Mega CD game The Adventures of Batman and Robin) and as Emporer Griffon in Dark Cloud 2 on PS2. Then there's Grandia Extreme, Full Throttle and Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix... and more. Surprisingly prolific for someone who could easily have been content with being Luke Skywalker and nothing more for the rest of time. Kudos to you, Mark.

Above: Look! It's Luke Skywalker disguised as a Japanese mobster! What's that? Mark who?

Justin Towell

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