The stars behind gaming's voices

Game: SSX Tricky
Star: Lucy Liu
Known for: Ally McBeal, Charlies' Angels, Kill Bill
Also starring: David Arquette, Oliver Platt, Bif Naked, Macy Gray

Lucy Liu, best known for her role as Ling in Ally McBeal but also for the Charlie's Angels movies and her 'level-headed'performance in Kill Bill, has also appeared in one of PS2's best games. Yup, SSX Tricky. In fact, the game is heavy on the star talent, with singer Macy Gray, actors David Arquette and Oliver Platt (Lake Placid) and even heavy metal heroine Bif Naked appearing as Elise, Eddie, Luther, Zoe and Seeiah respectively.

Above: Clockwise from top-left - Macy Gray (Seeiah), Lucy Liu(Elise),David Arquette (Eddie), Oliver Platt (Luther) and Bif Naked as Zoe.

Oddly, Lucy Liu's voice is the only showing of her in the game. Where other stars had full interviews and studio footage on the DVD extras (PS2 discs had been on CD-ROM until then, so DVD extras were a new thing), Liu's appearance was voice-only. But we're assured it was her.

Justin Towell

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