The stars behind gaming's voices

Game: Buzz! The Music Quiz
Star: Jason Donovan
Best known for: Aussie soap opera Neighbours anda pop music career

Jason Donovan was a heart throb in the late 1980s, particularly finding fame for an 'are they, aren't they' relationship with Neighbours co-star Kylie Minogue after recording a duet with her (see pic). There was also the stage production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat - the theme song from which our headmaster made us sing in school assemblies. To us gamers, however, he's known for voicing Buzz - the host of the rather ace Buzz! quiz games on PS2. So all - Kylie duet included - is forgiven.

Above: "I closed my eyes..." Jason Donovan cuddling Kylie and being virtual quiz host Buzz. Some people get all the fun...

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Justin Towell

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