The Star Trek Discovery cast reveal what fears would set off their threat ganglia IRL (and they're huge scaredy cats)

To paraphrase the poignant warbling of Russell Watson in the 'classic' theme song to Star Trek: Enterprise, it's been a long road from there (the start of the mid-season break) to here (just days before Star Trek Discovery starts again). Or at least it's felt like one, anyway. Mid-season breaks are the worst. 

Anyway, as infuriating as it's been to find ourselves bereft of Burnham, Lorca, Tyler, and Stamets since they found themselves adrift in unknown, confounding, and decidedly Klingon detritus-strewn space in November - it's almost like they planned to leave it on a tense moment or something - these last few days before the return of a show are often the worst of all. It's the 'nearly but not quite' factor that does it. So to tide us all over until Sunday/Monday (depending on where you live), we got hold of the cast for a quick chats about things. 

You might already have seen our talk with Shazad Latif - aka Tyler - on the difficulties of dating within the distinctly unromantic confines of a starship, but in the video above you can also get to the root of just what really scares this apparently mighty crew. Spoiler: One of the most seemingly ferocious cast members is pretty much scared of everything.

Star Trek Discovery re-starts on Sunday on CBS All Access in the US, and on Monday on Netflix in the UK. If you need a primer, check out our episode 9 review, or pore over the questions we have after watching the mid-season finale. Answers have got to be coming soon, right?

David Houghton
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