The Sonic movie is getting an early digital release this month

(Image credit: Paramount)

In response to movie theater closures across the US and UK, Paramount is releasing Sonic the Hedgehog digitally on March 31, with a Blu-Ray and 4K physical release arriving May 19.

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Sonic the Hedgehog released in theaters on February 14, and while that might seem like eons ago, it's only been about six weeks. It might not need saying, but the Sonic movie is just one of dozens of movies or TV shows affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As the threat of community spread continues to cause business owners and local governments to encourage at-home viewing, releases are going digital earlier than usual, and productions are screeching to a halt.

In general, the Sonic movie has exceeded its audience's expectations. Total Film's review called it "a relic of the ’90s in more ways than one," offering "frenetic fun for younger viewers, and in Jim Carrey’s preposterous Robotnik an enjoyable shot of nostalgia for adults." If the early design for the titular hedgehog scared you off, it sounds like it wasn't an indicator of an entirely offensive movie.

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