The Sims 4 will stage an in-game music festival starring Glass Animals

Sims Sessions
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The Sims 4 will stage an in-game music festival called The Sims Sessions featuring Bebe Rexha and Glass Animals' Dave Bayley.

The Sims Session will take place from June 29 to July 7 and will feature a Sims version of Bebe Rexha performing a Simlish version of her song 'Sabotage.' It's unclear if Dave Bayley is performing a Simlish version of Glass Animals' hit single 'Heat Waves' or if it's just the normal version, but as a huge Glass Animals fan, I will certainly be tuning in. Songwriter and producer Joy Oladokun will also get on the in-game stage and open the virtual show with gorgeous ballad 'Breathe Again'.

"I’ve always been a fan of how The Sims empowers players to express their creativity with others in the game," says Bebe Rexha in the official press release. "Sims Sessions will be a fun experience for fans from around the world to enjoy music and hang with friends in a way that only The Sims can offer."

Sims Sessions is the first time a Simlish song will debut in-game. The event will also introduce a brand-new festival format that will let players explore the event, create some sick Coachella-esque looks, shop exclusive in-game merch, camp out, and woo-hoo in the tents, if I'm interpreting the promo picture correctly. You can even jump on stage and put on a performance of your own after the show is over, although Bebe Rexha, Dave Bayley, and Joy Oladokun are a tough act to follow for a Sim who only sings in the shower. 

EA is also encouraging The Sims 4 players to join the The Sims and Bebe Rexha on TikTok to show off their Simlish skills by performing side-by-side duets with Rexha and adding some of their own spice to 'Sabotage'. If the singer is a fan of your performance, she may just re-post your video, so now's the time to take all the Simlish you've learned from playing The Sims 4 and put it to good use. For more about Sims Sessions, head to the official page at

Sims Sessions is super exciting, but is it more exciting than the upcoming Sims 4 Cottage Living expansion?

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