How to fill out reports in The Sims 4

ill out reports in The Sims 4
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To fill out reports in The Sims 4, all you need is a computer. The good news is you can always just go to a computer lab or a neighbor's house instead of getting your own.

It's a tedious task, but working on reports is a common daily tasks for those in the Business career track in The Sims 4.  If you're short on money to buy a requisite computer, our Sims 4 cheats guide gives you a shortcut to the motherload. You don't have to cheat to get more Simoleons, though; our guide on how to make more money in The Sims 4 will tell you more about that.

For now, here's how to fill out reports in The Sims 4 and start acing your Business career, whether you're doing it to become a small business owner or you just want that cushy corner office when you make CEO.

How to fill out reports in The Sims 4

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To fill out a report in The Sims 4 you just need to interact with a computer and select "More choices," then "Web," then "Fill out reports." You'll see this option is highlighted with a small briefcase icon, then all you need to do is keep your Sim focused at their desk until the day's report is completed.

You can check that you have completed the report by choosing the Career tab from the small menu at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, and then checking the status of your Daily Task.

Completing the report every single day will improve your Sim's job performance, which in turn will lead to promotions and more simoleons. You can get an extra boost by also making sure your Sim goes to work in a good mood, so make sure they're showered, fed, and have had a good night's sleep before you need to head to the office for another working day.

Remember, you can find a computer to fill out reports in the Sims 4 by visiting public lots, like the libraries in Moonwood Mill and Strangerville respectively. You can also visit a wealthy neighbor and borrow their computer instead, another way to save Simoleons if you're waiting to splash out on a high-end laptop.

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